Training Courses

I deliver different types of training courses and coaching which can be found below. The trainings can be delivered individually or in groups. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the courses or other areas.

Presenting with impact

This training is intended for anyone who regularly presents or would like to learn the art of presenting and story telling.  For most people delivering a presentation is now a fact of business life. From the novice to the most experienced presenter this training is designed to offer tips to build on existing skills. Through a variety of exercises you will learn how to feel more confident in the delivery of your message, how to structure a presentation and deliver it in a convincing manner.


If you are not a native English speaker and need to present in English, then attention is given to terminology and how to deliver a clear message in a second language to a (second) language audience.

Executive Coaching

Coaching for business as well as non-business people with a focus on improving their personal abilities.  We begin with a session which is free of costs to assess how we can work together. Sessions can be arranged at a location to suit you. This coaching is intended for people from all levels of an organisation who need to explore and develop their potential. 

Business English

Business communication is a reflection of the professionalism and competence of the person either writing or presenting information. The quality of its presentation is an advertisement for the company and the individual.


The training has been developed to elaborate on some of the finer points of writing and speaking in English. It illustrates some of the common mistakes that are made in English and is practically orientated to give the participants ample chance to try out their own skills.


This training is also available for trainers and professionals who have to deliver courses and pitches in English in an international environment.

Intercultural Communication and Awareness

Our culture defines many aspects of how we think, feel, and act. It can be challenging for us to bridge cultural differences to gain an insight into aspects of cultural awareness and communicating across cultures.

This training focuses on examining and improving communication skills for intercultural communication. During the training, topics such as stereotypes and the effect these can have on how we communicate will be examined. Also, how can we adapt to different situations and recognise the role that culture and communication plays.

Leadership Training

This training is tailor made to reflect the experience level of participants. This means that for those who are starting out as leaders, team leaders, or are already in a management role, the training will be adapted to their functions and specific needs. The skills needed to be an effective manager are extensive and complex. Focus is also given to the area of emotional intelligence and the influence that this can have on effective leadership.

Customer Focus

Having a customer focus is usually a strong contributor to the overall success of a business and involves ensuring that all aspects of the company put its customers´ satisfaction first. In this training you will learn what the important aspects of customer focus and client satisfaction entails and how to provide it. This will include the implementation of important communication skills coupled with a sensitivity of (international) business knowledge.

Effective Negotiation and Communication Skills

Good negotiation and communication means reaching an optimal result and maintaining good working relationships. This training equips participants with the skills required to be an effective and dynamic negotiator. Drawing on the individuals experience of negotiation, examining communication skills that can be practised in the negotiation forum are central during this course.

Participants will gain insight into their own style of negotiating and communication, as well as being made aware of the tactics that their negotiation partner may employ.

The Art of Sales

The diverse and challenging world of sales within an organisation means an adaptive training that will suit your organisation. What makes a ''good'' sales person and how can you recognise your own skill strengths and develop others? During this training, focus is given to how to deal with barriers and objections and how to work with the customer and negotiate a sale effectively. 

Time Management

During this workshop you are directed to effective and efficient use of time. This includes how to work towards planning, execution and prioritisation, tips and tricks of dealing with common time problems and how to delegate and monitor work. Communication within the workplace and recognition of time management blocks are also part of this workshop in helping you develop an action plan for the future.

Business Telephone Skills

The telephone is an important tool that we use on a daily basis. However, using the telephone in a professional and competent manner is not always easy, especially if you are speaking in a second language. During this training, attention is given to the use of English and the common phrases and helpful words that you can use in your business telephone conversations. What is the correct cultural appropriateness of conducting a conversation and how can you promote customer interest and relationships.